Article: “School Social Media Policies: Should Teachers and Students Be Facebook Friends?”

The article I chose to write was one I got off Huffington Post titled “School Social Media Policies: Should Teachers and Students Be Facebook Friends?”. The article debates the risks between inappropriate interactions with students on Facebook and also the academic benefits this type of social media could have. Social media policies have started to spread nationwide as 40 different school districts have approved them. In addition to this, New York City and Florida schools have started to discipline teachers for what they do on Facebook. The article touches on a few key points:

  • There have been multiple cases in which teachers have used Facebook inappropriately. In one New York case a teacher friended several female students and commented, “this is sexy” under their pictures.
  • Obviously this behavior crosses the line, but Facebook could be used as an educational resource because it is one of the main forms of communication for our generation
  • With e-mail even becoming seemingly outdated, Facebook appears to be one of the fastest ways to get in touch
  • One idea presented by teacher David Roush in the article is to make a separate Facebook profile specifically for connecting with students
  • Although this is true, Facebook is set up for socializing. One woman quoted, “On Facebook flirting is encouraged. You are encouraged to post your relationship status and your relationship interests. That’s not appropriate for a relationship between students and teachers”.

I agree with the fact that teachers should not be openly posting on student’s walls or commenting on photos, but it is common for a student and teacher to have a friendly relationship. I think it is extreme for states to try and implement policies in regards to Facebook. Not every teacher is using the social media inappropriately and I believe it could be a beneficial academic tool. Teachers could send out messages and start class threads in order to get out information quickly and efficiently.



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