David Portnoy – Boston’s Blogger

The blogger I chose to write about is David Portnoy, or known as El Pres on his blog. He is the head blogger and owner of Barstool Sports, a blog with a huge influence amongst college students in the northeast and around the country as well. This is a blog I have been following since high school and it literally has grown from nothing into somewhat of an empire. Barstool sports has over 1.4 million visitors a month with its other pages Barstool NYC and BarstoolU raking in impressive figures as well.

The blog focuses on sports and anything else that comes to mind.  Portnoy posts about ridiculous news stories, funny videos, and even includes multiple contests on his site. Obviously the Guess That Ass contest is not geared towards his female readers, but is still equally humorous. Barstool Sports is also not a blog to read if you are easily offended because El Pres says whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

He has even managed to become the center of a lawsuit over comments he made about Tom Brady’s baby, a scandal that hit the news far and wide. Despite this, his “stoolies”, the name given to Barstool followers, have stuck by him and he has managed to create a huge fan base from the blog. El Pres has even managed to go beyond blogging and expand his talents to putting on the “Barstool Blackout Tour”, a series of concerts hosted by Barstool in various places like Boston to down in South Carolina.

I enjoy reading this blog because it is entertaining, informative but at the same time funny.  I admire the fact that El Pres is not afraid to say what he thinks and even when faced with controversy, he still remains the same person that Stoolies know him by. One can also appreciate the business man in a blogger that Pres has managed to portray through his many events put on for his loyal fans. I’ve read this blog for multiple years and can easily say it is a blog I’ll continue to visit in the future.



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